Posted on: March 18, 2010 10:47 am

Cactus League

Making my annual journey to Spring Training today. Feels like it should be a national holiday.

Catching the Reds, Dodgers, Rangers, Giants, Indians, Padres, Cubs, and maybe the Brewers or the A's over the next few days. Sometime around the end of next week, my baseball hangover will end and I'll snap back to work.

But in the meantime, 80 degrees in the sun with a beer and the crack of the bat.

Don't care who the starters are. Whether you're getting a start by Clayton Kershaw or the 40th guy on the roster, it's all good in my book. The upside to the split squad games is that you get to see future Kung Fu Pandas and prospect studs like Chris Carter and Michael Taylor. I have no idea what the pitching matchup is in the first game tomorrow. I'll find out when I get there, and soak in every minute.

I'll try to squeeze in a few minutes for a report from the front. I'm just grateful this day has come!

Thank you, baseball. Winter is too long.

PS - what's all this chatter about something going on in college basketball? Who knew...
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